Memorial week on the media portal of the RMHS Museums

During the memorial week, the audience of media projects of The Military Uniform Museum of RMHS will see a tour devoted to the important date — the Day of The Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 and the day of the commencement of the war of 1812.

For young viewers on the day of remembrance and sorrow, a master class “Eternal fire” will be released. The speaker will tell you about the origins of the Eternal fire tradition and show you how to make this symbol of memory out of paper. And from the master class “Secrets of encryption of military intelligence” children will learn about the Special office created in 1812 — the management body of the national military intelligence. Using the code Caesar and the code Litorea participants of the master class will decipher the names of items of clothing and immersed in the history of the received words.

The Military Uniform Museum together with the Theater Institute named after Boris Shchukin continues the project " Shchukintsy read about the war". Don’t miss the new edition this Saturday.

Program for the week:

  • June 22 (Monday) master class “Eternal flame” (within the project “Bud’ v forme! #смотримузей”);
  • June 22 (Monday) video tour “Day of memory and sorrow” (within the project “Bud’ v forme! #смотримузей”);
  • June 24 (Wednesday) video tour “Sister of mercy” (within the project “Bud’ v forme! #смотримузей”);
  • June 25 (Thursday) the second part of the master class “Bunny Friend” (from the Museum of Moscow Streltsy “The Streltsy chambers” );
  • June 26 (Friday) “The Beginning of the Patriotic war of 1812” (within the project “Bud’ v forme! #смотримузей”);
  • June 27 (Saturday) master class “Secrets of encryption of military intelligence” (within the project “Bud’ v forme! #смотримузей”);
  • June 27 (Saturday) Shchukintsy read about the war. Olga Berhgoltz “Good morning, people” Reads Galina Podolyan. Teacher L. A. Bashinskaya;

All videos are available on the official YouTube channel of The Military Uniform Museum.

Since June 16, the RVIO Museums are open to the public! See you online and in Museum halls!