Visit the Museum free of charge on the map "Moskvenok"

Military Uniform Museum and The Museum of Moscow Archers "Streltsy Chambers" joined the project of the Mayor of Moscow "MUSEUMS FOR CHILDREN".

Students of schools and colleges under the jurisdiction of the executive authorities of Moscow can visit our museums free of charge if they have a social card of a Muscovite or a card "Moskvenok". The cashier will ask you to attach the card to the reader terminal and, if it is valid, will issue a free ticket.

With organized groups of children: a class, an extended day group, – an accompanying person can pass for free. For 8-11 children – one adult, more than 11 children – two adult escorts.

In the framework of the project "Moskvenok" to pass you can use the following carriers:
• map of "Moskvenok" — is free of charge to all students in school, College.
* map of Moskvich for schoolchildren and students;
* Muscovite card for the beneficiary;
* other media: bracelets, key rings, etc.

Be careful!
Without a card, we will not be able to provide a free ticket.