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Museum Travel Game

Game guides will help you get acquainted with the exposition of Military Uniform Museum.

With this guide, you will be able to captivate your child and immerse him in the study of military history, as well as you will be able to learn something new and informative. To complete a variety of creative tasks, you need to be careful. The museum exhibits, their labels, and multimedia information in the halls will serve as hints.

"Museum travel game. 1st floor"
It will introduce you to the military history from the era of Peter I to Alexander III.
Participants complete game tasks in the halls of the museum and get a keyword.
Price: 100 rubles

"Museum travel game. 2nd floor"
It covers the events of Russian military history from the era of Nicholas II to the present day.
Participants will answer questions and solve a crossword puzzle.
Price: 100 rubles

With all completed tasks, contact the administrator to get a museum souvenir.

Game guides are suitable:
• for adults
• children from 9 years old for independent travel
• children from 7 years old with their parents

Game guides
Game guides