Hero’s Uniform

The Hero’s Uniform exhibition shows how clothing and equipment of the Russian armed forces have developed from the time when Peter the Great created the regular army to the present. Visitors can learn how important the uniform was to the serviceman, how the concept of regimental honour came into existence and why military professionals consider a sense of regimental honour to be inseparable from the image of a defender of the motherland.

The exhibition is housed in 22 halls of a historic town mansion dating from the 19th century. The main exhibits are items of clothing and equipment used by the Imperial Russian Army, the Red Army, the Soviet Army and the Russian Armed Forces, along with archive material and reconstructions based on genuine military uniforms that are contained in museum collections. This is a very modern and varied exhibition intended not only for adult visitors but also for children. Its distinguishing feature is a combination of authentic exhibits and present-day multimedia technology that provides free and effective access to information about the history of Russian military uniform from the 16th to the 21st century.